Project Management

A successful result comes from a creative collaboration between the client, architect and designers. We develop a full set of plans and elevations from which we begin the design process. Working with you, and your interior designer if you have one, we refine the design to reflect your requirements in the space. After confirmed measurements and final approval, the design goes into production.

Luxury Kitchens

Our main focus is

bespoke kitchens. A truly bespoke kitchen is 100% tailor-made and designed for the client. We achieve this by working with industry leading craftsmen to turn your job site into a beautiful home.

Working Drawings

We offer working drawings based 

on our extensive experience with woodworking . The details in the kitchen surrounding the appliances, cabinet corners, hardware, finishes, veneers, crown molding, lighting are included in Working Drawings. Once the measurements have been field verified its time to select a skilled carpenter.